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With prices of commodities increasing day by day it is proper to make your very own strategic plan on maximizing your financial resources and making sure that every penny earned is well spent. Make your move on coordinating your finances and list of expenditures that may affect the way you use your income and empower you on your economic stability as a working individual. Your source of income, lifestyle, spending habits, current job and house location, cost of living, payables and loans determines your level of budgeting needs. Starting to take charge of your finances is one sure way of becoming successful in a field of self-fulfillment and success. The following tips and recommendations will provide you details on how you can help yourself manage your finances and assume a new outlook to become responsible in your spending. Treat Math As Your Lifetime Partner – Do the entire math in your purchasing needs. Try to compare prices across your current location for the price of a range of grocery and household items you need in a day-to-day basis. Save as much as you can in an item you are trying to buy. Chinese businessmen exercise effective buying techniques. They save as much as they can and usually purchase in bulk to increase their revenue index on the item they plan on selling as well. Gambling – Gambling tops the chart in making your life as chaotic as it could get. Gambling strips you off your finances and keep you vulnerable from the threats of bankruptcy. Know Your Wants and Needs – Limit your spending on something which you are not in dire need of. According to a recent study, luxuries are second to gambling in terms of the degree of money-stripping capability. “Do not spend More Than you earn” – Rags-To-Riches stories do not fail to mention this famous cliché. There is always truth to this phrase for you cannot live in a world where you consume more than what you can produce. Keeping a List – Making your own budget list is vital to your success to becoming prudent. A wise buyer needs to consider the amount of a certain commodity and how will it impact his life as an individual. An unconscientious consumer would not care about what is being purchased as long as he or she has money to buy for them. Unless you are someone who has a considerable amount of wealth and income resources, you cannot afford to disregard this recommendation and go ahead with your practice. Creditrepairman21

Friday, June 5, 2009

What your Credit Score Really Means

This rating system is meant to develop a snapshot of the risk you currently represent to a lender. Several parameters in your credit file, including length of credit history, number of open accounts, loans, mortgages, public records, and others are formulated to produce a 3-digit score between about 300 and 950. There are other scores used by lenders and insurance companies (some of which are developed by FICO) such as Application and Behavior scores. These other scores take other information into account. Usually a lender will use a combination of your credit score with other factors when determining your risk. They all have the same objective, to determine the borrower’s potential risk. Regardless of whether the score was generated by FICO or a system based on FICO parameters, they all yield an industry standard 3 digit score. This score places the borrower in one of 3 main categories. Get your "DIY" Do It Yourself Credit Repair Kit plus bounus gifts like (100 Part Time businesses and Instant Cashflow to name a few)

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“DIY” Do It Yourself Credit Repair Kit.

Why is Credit Scoring Used?

Why is Credit Scoring Used?

In smaller communities, shopkeepers, bankers, and others who extend credit often knew by word of mouth who paid their debts and who did not. As some creditors became larger and as the number of their consumer credit applications grew, these creditors needed to establish more systematic and efficient methods for evaluating which consumers were good credit risks. Credit scoring is one such technique. Although smaller creditors still may rely on informal credit evaluations, many large companies now use formal credit scoring systems. Although no system is perfect, credit scoring systems can be at least as accurate as informal methods for granting credit -- and often are more so -- because they treat all applicants objectively. Get you "DIY" Do It Yourself Credit Repair Kit


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Friday, April 3, 2009

Your Credit in Today’s Market! NO Bail Out Needed! Take Control and “DIY” Do It Yourself.

Obtaining credit can be incredibly easy or extremely difficult. Once you have established credit, it can open doors of opportunity you never even considered being a possibility. Credit can allow you to take the dream vacation of a lifetime, drive a luxury car, dress in the latest fashions, achieve the American dream of owning your own home, or starting your very own business.

The fact is, now that society has rapidly shifted into the fast-lane of being a cashless society, it would be almost unthinkable not to have credit. People, who have the misfortune of losing their good credit rating in today’s world, will most certainly immediately begin to feel like social outcasts.

It is a very traumatic experience when people find out something is wrong with their credit. In today’s market millions of people have been, and will continue to be notified they now have bad credit. Most now understand how it all came about late payments on mortgages, credit cards, medical bills; the list goes on and on. For them like millions of others the credit lines they do have are being reduced or cancelled for one late payment making their credit situation even worse. Higher interest rates being charged dropping limits means much lower credit scores. It is a very serious problem those who should have and could have refinanced their mortgage didn’t when they could and now may loose their house because the financing options are no longer available. Maybe working with a professional loan modification company is he answer.

Without good credit, people soon discover it’s difficult to just keep up with the no-frills, everyday existence items that are needed. Unless an individual knows how to improve, increase and repair their own credit, they will have to overcome many obstacles. Most people don’t have the slightest idea where to begin. A good place to start is Credit Help 21 they have a “DIY” Credit Repair Kit that will help you get back on track. Remember it takes time there is no quick fix. But once start you will be on your way to getting your life and credit report where it needs to be.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Credit Repair "DIY" or Bail Out ok BAIL OUT!

OK,OK, OK Obama inherited a huge deficit, much of it was because of the policies and irresponsible spending led by Republican President George W. Bush. But let’s not forget that the Congress, which authorizes spending, was controlled by Democrats in the last two years of Bush's presidency. So lets stop pointing fingers and get to the bottom of this mess.

I know this is a “DIY” credit repair blog and trust me by the end of this you will understand what I have to say makes sense but will never and I mean NEVER happen. You see this whole idea that the government bailing out corrupt companies will help us (us being TAX Payers) is a joke. While all this is said to help the housing market and the credit market will rebound because of all this money going to banks and other so called earmark programs LOL we (the TAX Payer) are getting the screws tightened down more on our money.

So here is what needs to be done STOP giving irresponsible companies our money. Let them go bankrupt. That is what happens when you or I spend irresponsibly we go bankrupt or have collectors on our back till we pay. I don’t see other taxpayers running to give us money to bail us out. Nor would I do it for them it’s called Personal Responsibility. Something we have lost in this country it is NOT the government’s responsibility to bail us or other businesses out.

Why is this such a hard thing to grasp? It gets even better now some of the same people who ran these companies in the ground are the same ones who are going to help fix the problem. That’s even more irresponsible. Let’s see we have a credit and housing crisis lets get the same people who helped run Fannie and Freddie into the ground (and made MILLIONS doing it) help save them and fix all of our problems. Are we all just that stupid in this country that no matter whom the President is we are going to believe what they say NO questions asked because they look and sound good on TV?

I for one am going to make sure whatever politician votes for this in my state will NOT get my vote in 2010. I strongly suggest you do the same or we will have double the deficit in 5 years and triple in 10 nothing like bankrupting the next 5 or so generations to come. Oh yeah I am NOT sorry if I upset or offended you by my remarks trust me I will have more to come………. More Credit advice to follow.

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